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Boxie Storage Boxes from Blegalbloss

Zerbee Business Products, the fastest growing online retailer of office, home, and business supplies, has now added a new. exciting line of ergonomic office products. Boxie and Roo file boxes from Blegalbloss can now be purchased at
Boxie, Roo items were added to Zerbee Business Products’ line of office products because of their exceptional reputation and quality items. Boxie Ergonomic Lockable File Boxes help homeowners, home office workers and office workers organize their records. Their file boxes and accessories allow consumers to keep files neat and tidy while keeping their space clean and organized.
“We are always looking to expand our line of products here at Zerbee Business Products,” explains John Jordan - Director. “When we learned of the Boxie line of products, adding the products to our line of office supplies was a no brainer. Although we already have a large variety of filing and organization products, we feel giving customers more options will allow them to find exactly what they are looking for, for their particular needs. Besides giving customers more innovative and manageable products, Roo, Zip Clips, and Boxie products are also eco-friendly.”
Boxie Ergonomic File Boxes are great for health documents, insurance forms, and other private documents. Because of its locking capabilities and study frame, your documents will be safe and protected. The 500 lb stacking strength of Boxie File Boxes allow you to stack and never have to worry about crushing your files. Best of all, the easy to put together box requires no glue, no metal, and is 100% recyclable. The rip resistant handles make it easy for you to move file boxes around without worry.
ZipClips help lock BOXIE File Boxes safely and securely. Each red ZipClip has a one-time use and tamper proof. Each pack comes with 100 ZipClips in them.
“BOXIE File Boxes are more economic than your average files boxes,” says Jordan. “They use about 10% less material than your average file box and produces less than 1% waste during manufacturing.”
When quick and easy file storage is needed on the office desk, Roo file organizers can’t be beat. The BigRoo storage organizer comes in a package of three for optimal storage space wherever needed. The easy to set up storage organizer is 100% recyclable and contains 65% of post-consumer recycled material. Not only are they ecofriendly, they take the place of 40 hanging file folders allowing for more space in the work place. Don’t need as much room for files? LilRoo is a smaller version of BigRoo and holds up to 20 files and is just as ecofriendly.
“If you find you like Blegalbloss Products as much as us here at Zerbee Business Products and thousands of others do, “Like” them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter,” suggests Jordan.
Zerbee Business products resides in Minneapolis, MN. For questions, comments, or concerns dial 1-855-493-7233 or email to The company offers friendly and helpful customer service from 8am to 4:30 pm central time, but open for business 24/7.

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